Posted by: greercn | August 17, 2015

Fantastic Four

Fans of the comic characters will be annoyed by how far this strays from the originals.

All you’re expecting is whiz bang special effects and stuff getting blown up, right?

People I respect said it would be dreadful. Those who had seen it told me not to bother watching it.

I liked “Chronicle” and “The Kill Point” so I wanted to check out what director Josh Trank made of these characters. The 2005 film is still easy to remember, but Miles Teller and Jamie Bell are intriguing casting choices.

So, is it worth seeing?

Well, I didn’t hate it. Many of the effects and the lovely CGI do create an interesting new world to look at.

The early scenes are the best. The high school teacher who sneers at the nerd and the unlikely friendship between very different boys create scenes that feel raw and moving.

Kate Mara has an interesting presence and Toby Kebbell, Michael B Jordan and Reg E Cathey all have gripping moments.

It passed the time very nicely and the superhero effects are terrific.

A very busy Stratford East Picturehouse audience seemed to find it easier to chat to each other than to watch the screen.

Do you like big fires? Are you interested in science, even bad science? Are you an obsessive fan of Miles Teller, Jamie Bell or Kate Mara?

Are you related to anyone connected to this film?

Those are all good reasons to see it. I enjoyed it while it was on, but it won’t trouble another moment of my life after I finish this piece of writing.

How bored are you? I’ve seen worse films and spent a pleasant 100 minutes thinking of not very much.

It’s Marvel-lite with lofty ambitions that fall as flat as the dust from the other world the Fantastic Four travel to.


  1. Was this filmed here by us???

  2. Vancouver, Baton Rouge and surroundings and a studio in Baton Rouge. A couple of scenes were filmed in LA.

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