Posted by: greercn | August 17, 2015

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

Yet again, Ethan Hunt is the only hope of saving the disbanded IMF. Bad guys in The Syndicate long to destroy peace and freedom and our Ethan (Tom Cruise who has been working out) must destroy them.

You spot holes in this repeated plot? You believe peace and freedom are a long way away, on this planet?

Stop being a killjoy. Just enjoy the ride.

It’s a pretty good ride, too. We are whooshed from London to Washington to Morocco and Vienna through lots of set pieces that pay homage to the old TV shows while making the most of modern special effects and chase scenes.

You want a big plane stunt? You’ve got it. Motorcycle chases? Check. Oodles of violence? Present and correct, with bells on.

Jeremy Renner is just terrific as Ethan’s ally. Simon Pegg is hilarious as a techie secret agent.

And it’s great to see Rebecca Ferguson handling big stunts and fights in a thigh-high dress.

Ving Rhames, Sean Harris and Simon McBurney bring additional menace and depth to their roles.

Director Christopher McQuarrie brought out the best of Cruise in “Edge of Tomorrow” and he works around the fact that Cruise may be getting a tad old for these action parts. But I’ve said that before and been proved wrong by Cruise’s endless box office appeal.

Tom Cruise has charisma and little boy charm. I don’t get it, but you clearly do as you keep buying the tickets.

Just for fun, spot the number of times the camera shoots Tom to make him look taller.

But these quibbles shouldn’t put you off seeing a very good action film.

The Stratford East Picturehouse was full of very happy people. They were all gushing about it as they left the cinema.

At 130 minutes, I felt like a bit more judicious editing would have been helpful.

But Tom Cruise and the IMF will go on and on. And on. He’ll probably find a way of making action movies when he’s in a wheelchair. The IMF will keep getting shut down. And Tom will keep rescuing it.

It just is.

And Alec Baldwin will probably still be there and grumpier than ever.

Some things and people are eternal.


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