Posted by: greercn | September 4, 2015

45 Years

Hooray! Older people talk, walk, dance, hug and kiss! Who knew that was possible, at the cinema this year?

Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay bring amazing presence and charm to this movie about a couple, during the week before their wedding anniversary party.

There are hurdles. They were meant to have a big 40th celebration, but problems intervened.

That’s all the plot you need to know. The twists and turns here are best experienced while watching, as the characters go through the events.

English countryside weather and conversation about climate change are key to the intimate feel director and co-writer Danny Haigh achieves.

It’s based on an Andrew Constantine short story I haven’t read.

But this film depends on the grace and skill of Rampling and Courtenay’s faces and bodies. How fabulous it is to see a whole story on screen that accepts that life doesn’t end at 30.

One scene of Rampling watching old slides – slides – will move you very much.

This is an intelligent and thoughtful tale of getting older. I could argue that the one sex scene plays to popular misconceptions about age, but I’ll have that conversation with other people who have seen this.

The free preview for members of Stratford East Picturehouse was very full and it attracted a refreshing number of people over the age of 50.

If you like your screen stories atmospheric, beautifully-acted, thoughtful and independent, you’ll find this very satisfactory to watch.


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