Posted by: greercn | September 4, 2015


Computer games and obsession with them are a bit outside my experience. Some of the best people I know are lifetime serious gamers. I respect them. All the kids I know play games, all the time.

I get drafted in to play Call of Duty, now and then and I comply with a smile, much as I used to when Donkey Kong and its ilk took over the 1980s.

So, “Pixels” shouldn’t be enjoyable. And I only went to see it because there was nothing else on I hadn’t seen. And the times fit in with my day.

I laughed, loud and often. It’s a hilarious comedy about an attack from outer space, based on a misconception by the aliens.

We start in 1982 with a video game competition. Excellent points are made about high school and about celebrity.

Fast forward thirty plus years and we are under attack. Those old gamer heroes are required, or earth will be wiped out.

Adam Sandler and Peter Dinklage are hilarious. Michelle Monaghan made me rock with giggles. There are two sentences I thought I would never write.

Many very funny performances and lines fill this film. Chris Columbus directs in frenetic style.

You have never seen Madonna or Hall and Oates as terrifying? You will, now.

There’s a scene with cars – Minis – that will make you think of “The Italian Job” on steroids.

But it’s the loving graphics and the very special animation that you’ll adore. It’s probably best for those who remember the older games of the 1980s, but any gamer will appreciate this.

This non-gamer enjoyed every silly minute. I saw it in 2D but I am certain the 3D is very special. Dare I hope for a sequel?


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