Posted by: greercn | October 5, 2015

The Martian

A funny and entertaining script, glorious settings and super acting make this a gorgeous film to watch and hear.

At the heart of it is Matt Damon’s performance as stranded astronaut Mark Watney. Much of the movie depends on Damon alone and his entertaining everyman character carries that weight.

Meanwhile, the other astronauts Watney went to Mars with assume their friend is dead. There’s been an accident and Watney is forced to find a way to survive, without help.

NASA assistance and accurate science are big plus points in this tale. My Very Intelligent Friend questions the gravity and the structure of the dust storm and accident event that leave Watney alone on Mars and I am told that is better explained in Andy Weir’s book.

At 140 minutes, it’s very long but is entertaining enough that you don’t feel that length.

The people back home and the rest of the astronauts in space all provide lovely examples of ensemble acting. The performances that stay in my mind are those of Chiwetel Ejiofur, Michael Pena, Mackenzie Davis and Donald Glover. Glover steals every scene he’s in.

Drew Goddard wrote the intelligent and funny script. He also scripted “The Cabin In The Woods”, which I loved.

Finally, I get to see a movie that will definitely make my Top 10 of 2015 list.

The less you know about the plot when you go in, the better off you are. The last half hour is genuinely thrilling and looks wonderful.

If you have a choice, 2D might be better than 3D. The 3D added very little and made it look dark.

But you have to go see it. Everyone at the Stratford East Picturehouse loved it, as did I and my Very Intelligent Friend.

It will be talked about for a long time to come and it sets a new and high standard in how to do a gripping film about space. Ridley Scott’s directing mojo is back and I can’t wait to see what he does next.



  1. Good review Greer. Let’s hope that more sci-fi blockbusters are like this and not so damn depressing like Interstellar.

    • Thanks for the comment! The upbeat mood and the funny script really lift this movie to a higher level.

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