Posted by: greercn | October 14, 2015

The Walk

I am terrified of heights. Many of my friends have far worse fears than I do, but my problem inhibits me.

When I climb, I am okay. Never look down and always keep moving up. And on the way down, I follow someone.

To add to the problem, I adore great views. But I never go near the edge. The edge is terrifying.

Yet the edge is where Philippe Petit lives. He’s the man who walked between the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center in August, 1974.

Eight times. He walked between the towers eight times. Honestly, just the thought makes me feel a little ill.

This fantastic movie is worth seeing, even if you share my issue with heights.

The light and shade are just fantastic. It starts out in black and white and moves into colours, one at a time.

Fierce sunshine and spotlights are used in an utterly original way, throughout the film.

The first hour sets up the big ambition and achievements of the high-wire artistry and achievements of Petit, played here by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. This actor has never been better. It’s an extraordinary performance.

Walking a wire between the two towers is completely insane, yet utterly awe-inspiring.

The early scenes linger a tad long. The coup is planned, along with accomplices. Soleyman Pierini is outstanding as the young Philippe, assisting in showing us the back story.

A hilariously over-acting Ben Kingsley plays Papa Rudy and he matches the crazy enthusiasm of Gordon-Levitt.

Clement Sibony, Charlotte Le Bon, James Badge Dale, Cesar Domboy, Steve Valentine and Benedict Samuel are among the co-conspirators.

Robert Zemeckis directs with great style and the whole cinematography team deserves every Oscar possible. It is just astonishing to watch that walk.

The Stratford East Picturehouse audience loved it. And so did my Very Intelligent Friend and I. He was very generous in letting me make small noises and clutch his arm, at key points.

Do try and see the documentary “Man On Wire” which tells the true story behind this tale.

And Montrealers will enjoy seeing streets and locations standing in for New York and Paris.

My recommendation is that if you have an issue with heights, take a friend along who doesn’t share this issue and see it in 2D, as I did.

Everyone else says 3D is best. For us, the frightened? 2D is quite real enough.

This is my 500th post on this website. Thank you to all of you who subscribe, comment and read. I am grateful.



  1. Congratulations on your 500th post.

    • Thank you! It feels like it’s an achievement.

      • You’re welcome. It certainly is an achievement.

  2. 🙂

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