Posted by: greercn | November 11, 2015

Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse

Splattered body parts and Boy Scout tips may distract you from that missing apostrophe, in the title.

Boys who love “Zombieland” and “The Cabin In The Woods” will enjoy this, but I laughed long and hard, as did my Very Intelligent Friend. It was his idea to go see this and we are not natural zombie fans. Wry and gritty stories are usually more my speed.

And yet, the avalanche of childish and vulgar jokes, endless sight gags and a brilliant and breathless cast make this huge fun to watch. It won’t win Oscars, but it kept our attention, throughout.

Director Christopher Landon has a knack for putting the viewer in the middle of the action. And he’s really good at making your viewpoint move from slightly above to below to off centre, from the scene. Watching chases up staircases and trampolines could give you vertigo.

Tye Sheridan, Logan Miller and Joey Morgan are the Scouts but Sarah Dumont plays a cocktail waitress who can really handle herself. It’s good to see a young woman lead key sections of the film.

Dumont has a great future as a comic actress.

David Koechner and Cloris Leachman have screamingly funny roles.

Plot? Oh, it really doesn’t matter. Okay, zombies threaten a small town. Our Scouts get left behind, after the evacuation. Is a science company responsible for the surge of the undead? Who knows?

Just get involved in the glorious sight gags, frenetic chases and endless gore and you’ll be happy.

We saw it at the Stratford East Picturehouse. It’s an original take on the genre and deserves to do well.

Truly, this is most enjoyable. It will gain me no points for credibility, but it’s terrific. Although I feel I must start carrying apostrophes with me, just in case.



  1. Not my kind of film story !

    • I thought exactly the same thing, Zoe. But I still had fun watching it.

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