Posted by: greercn | November 25, 2015

Love Is The Perfect Crime (L’Amour Est Un Crime Parfait)

A superb electronic soundtrack and a terrific cast help to lift this very classy thriller. Arnaud and Jean-Marie Larrieu direct this dark and engaging French mystery, setting the film in and around Lausanne and the surrounding Alps.

Marc (Mathieu Amalric) teaches creative writing and has affairs with his students. Barbara (Marion Duval) has gone missing and Marc may – or may not – have anything to do with this disappearance.

Marianne (Karin Viard) is Marc’s sister and they share a home. Enter Anna (Maiwenn), Barbara’s stepmother, who comes to the university looking for answers.

Marc is in trouble and colleague Richard (Denis Podalydes) tries to help. Sara Forestier is student Annie and she wants a little more from Marc than private lessons.

The magnificence of the Alps and the modern university reflect the light and dark in a tale that keeps your attention through every twist and turn.

Based on the novel “Incendies” by Philippe Dijan, the Larrieu brothers ask questions about the nature of reality, writing and relationships. With full frontal nudity for all the leads, exposure and concealment are key themes.

Amalric is outstanding in a cast of stars who all have their big moments on screen.

Discover Tuesdays allows Picturehouse to feature offbeat films that might pass you by. But I’ve never seen a dud movie, in this series. At worst, I’ve been provoked into thinking about the issues raised.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable and engrossing tale and all at the Stratford East Picturehouse liked it. The subtitles are very good and it’s worth seeing.


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