Posted by: greercn | January 30, 2016


Boxing is painful and causes brain damage and death. Why do people do it? The “Rocky” films show the lure of fighting in the ring and are graphic about the traumas and the rewards.

These movies are great because they use boxing as a metaphor for life.

So, how good is “Creed”? It’s absolutely terrific. It should have been nominated in every main Oscar category. It was robbed.

Michael B Jordan is a revelation as Adonis Creed, the son of Apollo who was born after his father died.

Sylvester Stallone is very good, but Jordan matches his acting strengths in every scene they share. How could Stallone be the only Oscar nomination for this extraordinarily powerful movie?

Tessa Thompson is astonishing as the girlfriend who is a musician and suffering from progressive hearing loss. Several of Thompson’s excellent songs feature in a powerful soundtrack.

Equally, Phylicia Rashad is superb as Adonis’ mother. All the leads here should have been nominated and this should have had Best Picture, Director and Song nods.

Don’t let the trailer put you off. It highlights the boxing scenes and they are very wonderful.

The human struggles here are more interesting than the boxing. Ryan Coogler directed the excellent “Fruitvale Station” and he brings a huge and new energy to directing and co-scripting “Creed”.

The whole audience at Stratford East Picturehouse enjoyed this and I had several great conversations about it, afterwards. It provides plenty to discuss as it is so full of thoughtful intelligence.

I absolutely love this movie. I have no idea why Oscar couldn’t see what I see.



  1. can’t go wrong with a Stallone movie he’s a icon for his age he did a wonderful job.

    • Thanks for the comment. For me, what’s astonishing about “Creed” is that all the performances are very impressive. I like Stallone, but the others here match his performance. And it’s a really good and very moving story.

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