Posted by: greercn | February 7, 2016


Fantastic acting, a crisp and well-written script and a quick pace make “Spotlight” a terrific film.

Child abuse is always a tough topic to tackle. The delicacy of the performances and writing here bring the best values of traditional investigative reporting to the story.

Is it hard to watch? Yes, but the sickening material is handled in a factual way. Sometimes, that makes it devastating to view.

In the real story, a team of journalists from the Boston Globe discovered that Catholic leaders had suppressed evidence of child molestation, by serving priests. There have been many similar stories from around the world, but this tale is led by people whose characters grew up Catholic in Boston.

Many personal accounts surface. It’s a movie that’s longer than two hours yet it seems to rush by.

Mark Ruffalo is the heart and soul of this while Michael Keaton is the brain. Liev Shreiber, Stanley Tucci and Rachel McAdams have extraordinary scenes. Everyone here is very good, especially Len Cariou and Billy Crudup, in smaller roles.

Tom McCarthy directs and co-wrote this with Josh Singer. I have no idea how much has been changed from the true tale, but it all feels very real.

People who have worked in newsrooms will feel nostalgic for how investigative teams used to work, before corporate culture slashed costs. It could be a real news team, if everyone weren’t so improbably pretty and articulate.

It deserves a few Oscars. Do see it. It’s moving, will teach you something important and it’s very entertaining.



  1. Thanks for following my blog! couldn’t agree more about Spotlight, especially since Boston is my home town. You’ll get a shout out soon on my blog…

  2. And thank you! Spotlight is terrific. And I love to visit Boston, although I haven’t had a chance to in a long time. I am enjoying your blog, too.

    • Boston and Chicago are the two places I can eat my way through!

  3. I think I might go and watch this tomorrow. I like Ruffalo, huge talent.

    • It’s a terrific movie, Ben. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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