Posted by: greercn | February 26, 2016

Triple 9

Corrupt cops, Russian mobsters, a robbery gone wrong and extraordinary violence are all part of “Triple 9”. In the first scenes, it’s clear that serving policemen are in on a raid on an Atlanta bank. The car chase is gripping and fun to watch.

I am not good at seeing body parts and extreme injuries. If you’re squeamish, stay away.

But if you do have the stomach for the more violent scenes, there is some fine acting, here. Kate Winslet and Woody Harrelson are very good in small but distinctive parts. Gal Gadot is close to thrown away, in terms of her screen time.

Chiwetel Ejiofur is at the centre of the story, but his conflicts get less time and resolution than I’d have liked to see.

Casey Affleck, Anthony Mackie and Clifton Collins Jr are the other stars, but they seem to be out of the action, much of the time. The cast of cops, robbers and gang members come and go with dizzying speed. I lost track of who was who, at key times.

Aaron Paul, Norman Reedus and Michael Kenneth Williams have fine scenes, but pay close attention or you’ll miss key plot twists.

Director John Hillcoat and writer Matt Cook pile on the gore, guts and deaths. The action hardly ever lets up. The soundtrack is throbbing and appropriate to the story.

I saw it at the Stratford East Picturehouse and the mostly-male audience enjoyed it. At less that two hours, it passes quickly. But all the unceasing violence felt like too much, for me.

Stylish, slick and very much a film noir, you might not want to have a big meal, before you watch this. If you do, you might feel ill.



  1. Enjoyed this film more than I thought! There is more to it than the trailer suggests, so there are a few surprises in there. I agree it is very gory. I’m sure the censorship on films has relaxed a great deal. I’m sure that the film would have been an 18 when I was a kid!

    • Yes, I had that thought too. It would definitely have had an 18+ rating when I was young. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Seen this one. Would give it 3.5 out of 5

    • I’d probably agree with that rating.

      • 🙂

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