Posted by: greercn | March 24, 2016


Despite the lure of Tom Hiddleston’s almost-naked body and many other moments of artistic loveliness, I am left feeling that these 119 minutes of “High-Rise” were stolen from me, never to return.

Orgy scenes fail to be sexy. Scenes of panic lack any real emotional punch.

Philosophical points abound. The high-rise is clearly a metaphor for our modern dystopia. Civilisation is crumbling and the poor suffer more than the rich, although everyone will endure a bad time.

Our Tom is Dr Laing – shades of our favourite psychologist. It looks like the 1970s and ghastly textures and walls abound. Even the posh penthouse feels like a soft-porn fantasy from the days when every movie had to have a sex scene.

Based on the book by J.G. Ballard, Ben Wheatley directs. Jeremy Irons, Sienna Miller, Elisabeth Moss and Luke Evans are among the stars who perform enthusiastically.

Was there a story there, asked one woman as she left the cinema. Electricity is cut off, there’s a death and supplies run out.

It’s all great art, but it failed to move me or any of the audience at Stratford East Picturehouse. You would have to love Wheatley an awful lot to get anything out of this. I do try and find something to love in every movie, but I was bored, after the first 15 minutes. I noticed others leaving.

Gee, I wish I’d joined them.



  1. Extremely strange film. The concept could have been very interesting, but this film didn’t work. There was no substance and really no point to it. ABBA sound track made it even more weird.

  2. I really shut down when I hear an Abba song. I agree with you that the concept should have been more interesting. I expect to be lectured by others about how I just don’t get it. Thank you for agreeing with me and thank you for commenting! 🙂

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