Posted by: greercn | April 3, 2016

Eddie the Eagle

British feelgood movies – such as “The Full Monty” – warm your heart and offer a triumph by the underdog, against all odds.

Truth? Who needs the truth?

In fact, while Edwards captured hearts at the ski jumping events at Calgary in 1988 and is still seen as the embodiment of the amateur Olympian, he was no bumbling fool. He was an expert skier who suffered to become an expert ski jumper. His real story is more inspiring than the tale told in the film.

But Dexter Fletcher directs with great control and style and Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman give wonderful performances, as Edwards and as his coach.

Jo Hartley, Keith Allen, Tim McInnerney and Edvin Endre all have superb lines and gorgeous moments.

This was shown as a free preview for members of Stratford East Picturehouse. The very-full audience adored it, as did I.

Entertaining, joyful and full of love, you can’t go wrong seeing this. Even if watching the sport events doesn’t thrill you, the quality of the acting, directing and the script will pull you in.

It’s a film you can take your granny to without any fear. It’s all reassuring and inspiring and as soothing as a strong English cup of tea, on a cold day.



  1. Corny? Yes, but also quite inspirational and charming. Nice review Greer.

    • Thanks, Dan!

  2. I saw few minutes of opening and it didn’t seem to exciting so abandoned watching this one!

    • The real story is more exciting than the film, but it’s still heart-warming and features good performances. But if you aren’t into the Olympics and skiing, there’s not much in it for the viewer.

      • Exactly that’s what I discovered… Not into skiing! Found it boring! 🙂

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