Posted by: greercn | April 26, 2016

The Jungle Book

When I was a child, Walt Disney offered the most magical movie experiences possible. I loved “The Sword In The Stone” and “Mary Poppins” best, even though both offered annoying and inaccurate versions of British life.

My daughter was born in the age of home videos and she watched the Disney videos again and again. By the time she was four, I knew all the words to all the songs.

And “Bare Necessities” is one of the best songs in the charming 1967 animation that’s loosely adapted from Rudyard Kipling’s book.

So I felt no need for a live/CGI/3D remake of a DVD that didn’t survive the last cull. I had no enthusiasm about seeing this, at all.

And yet it’s quite lovely. Young Neel Sethi is terrific as Mowgli, the boy raised by wolves in the jungle.

The usual celebrity voices are all present and correct. And you do get the “Bare Necessities”, which is good.

It’s only one hour and 45 minutes long and the time goes by quickly. Mostly aimed at kids who love animal stories, the accompanying adults all enjoyed and appreciated it. Stratford East Picturehouse was absolutely packed.

Some of the threatening scenes are a little bit much for those of a sensitive disposition. That category includes me. I looked away a few times.

It’s Neel Sethi’s mature and physical performance that makes this feel so very intimate and warm. It’s visually beautiful and you will enjoy the quality of what you see. I liked it very much.



  1. Casting Scarlett Johansson as the voice of Ka the python was a stroke of genius! If you want a seductive voice, hers is the one to go for.

  2. That’s so true. I should have commented on it. I am so used to being annoyed at the use of celebrity voices that I forget to comment when they are absolutely appropriate. Thanks for the comment.

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