Posted by: greercn | July 16, 2016

Ghostbusters (2016)

Funny, clever and full of action, this reboot is worth seeing. All four female stars get great lines and enjoyable action.

The trailer does not do justice to how good this movie is.

I cannot fathom why so many others don’t like it. The original “Ghostbusters” was fun and full of Canadian content, but this version has guts, glory and girl power as well as glorious homage to the original. You even get a couple of the old stars in perfect cameos.

If you’re female and you haven’t been to the cinema for ages, I reckon you should get some women together and go see this. The young men laughed, but not nearly as long or as loudly as I did.

Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy are both everywoman characters and gifted comedians.

It’s the two new stars who give this the wow factor. Leslie Jones is brilliant and is someone to watch out for. She’ll be back and she deserves a lot of great roles. Kate McKinnon is new to me but she supplies the oddball geek quotient and she’s hilarious.

Yes, I know it’s very wrong of me to enjoy the objectification of Chris Hemsworth as a dumb but handsome secretary, but just for once, surely Hollywood can take this joke?

Paul Feig directs and co-writes with Katie Dippold and she gets to play a real estate agent with great style.

Stay through the credits for an extra scene and not just to find out how much of this was filmed in and around Boston, Massachusetts and not in NYC.

Everyone at Stratford East Picturehouse enjoyed the ghosts, car chases, ectoplasm and the great chemistry between the actors. Laughs range from the frankly stupid to the very clever and everything about this is great fun.

Go see it. I can hardly wait for the sequel. And I will be buying the DVD and watching it again and again, like a little kid.


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