Posted by: greercn | July 23, 2016

Absolutely Fabulous The Movie

“Perfectly Adequate The Movie” based on characters created for “Absolutely Fabulous” might be a more accurate title.

The best scene in this is when Saffron goes to a drag club to find out where her mother has gone. I laughed right through that.

You will need to love Absolutely Fabulous, fashion and celebrity culture a lot more than I do to get the best from this.

Jokes are repeated again and again. They are funny the first time they say a celebrity doesn’t want Edina to wear her clothes. But they are not so funny when they are reduced to a brick coming through the window, bearing the designer’s name.

I love Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley. Those glorious half hours of the old TV show poked fun at celeb-mad culture and style. Unfortunately, this movie seems to reflect an age where these concerns dominate. Maybe the joke isn’t so funny, when more than half of TV shows are reality programmes?

There is a plot. Kate Moss is changing PR teams and Edina (Saunders) wants the job. You are probably intelligent enough to know that this is AbFab and Edina would never actually kill Kate Moss?

With a dizzying number of celebrity cameos, Rebel Wilson and Rylan Clark steal their scenes. Jane Horrocks has taken Bubble’s mad outfits to a whole new level of visual glee.

Despite only running at about 90 minutes, I looked at my watch a few times. This will probably work better when it’s shown on TV.

There nothing awful about this. But little is absolutely fabulous.

The Stratford East Picturehouse oohed and aahed and whispered with each cameo. I am not sure whether I am very proud or slightly ashamed of how few people I recognised.

June Whitfield is still very funny and Janette Tough shines as a fashion designer.

All the old regulars are back and we all go off to the south of France. I’d have liked a little less style and a few more giggles.

Has the moment for laughing at celebrities and fashionistas passed? Are the things we are invited to laugh at just annoyances of daily life? Or is the world news now so serious and sad that we need our laughs to be sharper, more original and warmer?

“Zoolander 2” did the same jokes, but camped them up. This movie needed to be a lot more gay to work properly.

As it is, too much of it is just a drag.


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