Posted by: greercn | August 10, 2016


Perhaps I have become too European. I simply cannot understand a sex scandal in which there is no actual sex. Sexting? Sexy conversations, via websites? No touch or bodily fluids were involved?

And sending photos is a little teenage, but are we not in the realm of fantasy?

Clearly, nobody in America agrees with me, because this is the basis of how Anthony Weiner, former Congressman and candidate for Mayor of New York City was forced to resign from his campaign, in 2013.

This brilliant documentary is clever, funny and full of insight into Weiner, his family and his staff. It says a lot about political campaigns.

Weiner is a character and constantly pushes for some very good causes. Further, he is married to Huma Abedin who is a key aide to Hillary Clinton. They have a young son, Jordan Zain and dad is very hands on.

Then, sexts and sexy pictures are discovered. It turns out there may have been these conversations between Weiner and about “six women in three years”.

Throughout the film, Weiner is always on his phone, speaking or typing away. Given the nature of the allegations, did none of his aides think about just taking the phone out of his hands?

Apparently not. Americans now have the right to bear phones.

Weiner and all his staff and family members are very charming. These are intelligent people who make a lot of money.

My big question is how can he have been so very stupid? He had the mayoralty of a world class city in his hands and he tapped it all away on a tiny phone keyboard.

Do see this. I had missed the free screening for members of Stratford East Picturehouse and was delighted that it came up in the Discover Tuesdays strand. You’ll laugh and think and speak about the issues, afterwards.

How many documentaries offer so much to the viewer? Directors Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg – along with co-writer Eli B.Despres – have made a very special documentary.



  1. Maybe Hillary, when she IS elected, will amend the second amendment to the right to bear phones instead of guns. It would make the pUS a lot safer. The NRA could become the National Smartphone Association.

  2. That certainly seems like a sound policy recommendation. Would Huma Abedin have to declare an interest and confiscate her husband’s phone, for his own good?

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