Posted by: greercn | August 28, 2016

Bad Moms

Thanks to American TV and film dominating the world, we know that “mom” is “mum” in Britain and parts of Canada. We all agree a “mummy” is in the Egyptian section of the museum.

I laughed myself silly and so did my friend Layla. Mila Kunis shows serious comedy skills as Amy, a working mother who has had enough of the alpha female behaviour of the head of the PTA (Parent-Teacher Association).

Directed by the writers of “The Hangover” (Jon Lucas and Scott Moore) – not really a recommendation for me – it’s mostly just hilarious.

Kathryn Hahn as sexy Carla steals every scene she’s in. Kristen Bell is terrific as put-upon Kiki. Christina Applegate is the PTA bully Gwendolyn and Jada Pinkett Smith is almost wasted, albeit very pretty.

You get a silly supermarket scene and an even sillier drinking section. And there are heartwarming feminist touches, as when Amy explains to her son why he should grow up to be a good man.

Amy’s husband is caught up with cyber-porn and her boss is another half-drawn character. And there’s the sexy dad, played by Jay Hernandez, who makes all the moms drool.

I have qualms about this. Do women just behave like the men in “The Hangover” when we are angry? And my friend Layla observed that one particularly horrible injustice done to one of Amy’s children is never properly addressed or redressed. From “Bridemaids” to “The Heat” to “Ghostbusters”, we are meant to accept bad behaviour with no real justice being served up to the bad guys.

So, I still look forward to a movie that isn’t independent or foreign language that actually addresses how women are and how justice can be achieved, when wrong is done. And I’d really like that film to make me laugh.

I am not holding my breath until this happens.

Everyone at Stratford East Picturehouse laughed a lot and even the guys who’d been dragged along liked it.

But it shies away from tough issues it raises about life being unfair and children being powerless.

Expect vulgar giggles and nothing else. Blessed is she who expects very little, for she will not often be disappointed. And “Bad Moms” is slyly observed on expectations of motherhood, food fads and internet porn. For most viewers, that will be more than enough.



  1. I saw the trailler for this and voiced loudly “not for me”. My friend really wanted to see it and bought me a ticket. It was just what I needed, a laugh!

    My friend left feeling she needed to put some fun back into her life. It highlighted the amount of pressure we put on ourselves as mothers to be perfect. Why? Being good enough is all we need to be. It could be argued it glossed over some serious issues but I think it raised lots of issues which helps us all to reflect.

    I really loved the extra bit at the end, the actresses and their real moms.

    I didn’t hate I laughed out loud and I wanted to join them.

    • I’m glad you liked it. I think it is really a lift to the spirits and a romp. And you’re right to point out that it raises some serious points and is thought-provoking. Thank you for the comment.

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