Posted by: greercn | September 7, 2016

Sausage Party

Swearing, drug use and food that acts like Disney animals are all present. If the idea of watching any of those makes your nose wrinkle, skip this.

I was charmed by the subversion of stereotypes and won by the originality of this tale of assorted supermarket food and drink looking for heaven. Being chosen is the goal of each hot dog and bun. They form romances, while they are waiting, on the shelf.

Your emotions are shamelessly manipulated. I felt sorry for the expired items, casually flung into oblivion.

After a summer of remakes, reboots and endless predictability, the energy of this makes me (almost) overlook scenes that made me cringe. Put away your ideals of political correctness and you might enjoy the religious commentary on offer here.

Yes, this is a film with a big message of tolerance that warms your heart, when you’re not wondering if there will be a full sentence without profanity.

Everyone at the Stratford East Picturehouse laughed a lot. If you are offended by the trailer, don’t go see it. If you – like me – are amused by the drawing and the ideas, do prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the depth of the ideas here.

Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill, Salma Hayek, James Franco, Bill Hader and Nick Kroll are among the many celebrity voices.

I may never be able to eat a hot dog again.



  1. Haha I still don’t know how to feel about this movie!!!

    • I know! I never much liked hot dogs and now I can’t even look at them.

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