Posted by: greercn | September 9, 2016


An opening sequence features a very beautiful red object. It’s not clear what it is. Gradually, the viewer sees the movement behind the red. It is the most exquisite opening moment of a movie, this year.

Pedro Almodovar then proceeds to tell a moving and heart-breaking story. It will resonate most painfully for those who have faced family estrangements.

The acting, clothing and sets are all gorgeous. It’s strong stuff full of real choices, deaths and even the ocean gets to be a key character.

I only just got home before I started crying. The Stratford East Picturehouse audience gasped, at the end.

An unusual love affair and a close bond between mother and daughter are the key relationships. Almodovar directs the acting of the entire ensemble in a wonderful way. I didn’t much like “I’m So Excited”, but I really love this.

Although I never, ever want to see it again.


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