Posted by: greercn | September 13, 2016

Finding Dory

Pixar makes the ocean shimmer and the fish act like people.

If your child – or the child in your heart – loved “Finding Nemo”, this will give you more of that joy.

And you get to know Nemo and Marlin better. But the main story centres around the adorable Dory.

Dory has problems with short-term memory. She tells you this, often. Even as she forgets a lot, she knows that she has parents and that she has lost them.

Sloane Murray is the voice of the young Dory and her voice is perfect. The seamless switch to Ellen DeGeneres, as the older Dory, is admirable. Ed O’Neill’s voice also stands out as Hank, a rather wonderful octopus.

Being Pixar – and Disney – you are meant to feel these fish are people. And your emotions are manipulated and toyed with, as notions of family, friendship and persistence are introduced.

It all stays just the right side of preachy. Visually stunning, every frame is endearing.

You’ll love it. It’s terrific.


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