Posted by: greercn | October 3, 2016

Hell or High Water

Set in Texas, this bank robbery tale feels like a superior Western. Jeff Bridges gives an outstanding performance as the Texas Ranger chasing after our good guys who are stealing for a good reason.

Gil Birmingham has a few great scenes as Bridges’ sidekick.

Shot through with subversive charm and sharp jabs at the banking crisis, brothers Chris Pine (Toby)and Ben Foster (Tanner) take from the rich to set right a wrong.

It’s very much aimed at the boys, but in the fast-paced action rests a big heart and spirit. The women I saw it with really enjoyed it. We all started rooting for the criminals.

Advertised as being from the writer – Taylor Sheridan – of “Sicario” and the director – David Mackenzie – of “Starred Up”, you’ll be gripped from start to end. It’s a refreshing 82 minutes long. Scenes don’t linger. They rush by.

Everyone at the Stratford East Picturehouse really enjoyed it. It’s intelligent and original.

The soundtrack, landscapes and towns are all just terrific. See it, if you can.


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