Posted by: greercn | October 17, 2016

The Girl On The Train

When you love a book so much that it keeps you awake, it’s hard to imagine any movie could be as gripping.

And friends I normally trust said it was a turkey, with all the trimmings.

And yet, I really enjoyed watching this. Not all the 112 minutes, as it gets a bit wordy and off-key in the flabby middle section.

Emily Blunt is terrific. Her American accent slips a few times, but her alcoholic character slurs her words, so it’s all okay.

Knowing all the twists and turns from the book, by Paula Hawkins and seeing New York’s commuter suburbs substituted for London, England did not damage my enjoyment.

Tate Taylor’s direction is just fine and he judges the psychological moments well. Music heightens the feeling of threat.

And – bucking the trend – I thought Justin Theroux was pitch perfect as the lead’s ex-husband. Haley Bennett and Rebecca Ferguson are good casting decisions and Luke Evans carried his scenes well.

Edgar Ramirez did not seem right as the psychiatrist. I can’t put my finger on why, as I normally really like his performances.

Lisa Kudrow has two key scenes, and is wonderful. But Allison Janney is just okay.

Sex scenes are just not sexy. You may wish to yawn, during these.

Everyone at the Stratford East Picturehouse really enjoyed watching this. As did I. But I’d love to know why so many people I respect don’t like it. For me, it does justice to the novel.


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