Posted by: greercn | October 25, 2016


Dan Brown got a lot of people to read novels who never did so, before he published “The Da Vinci Code”. I don’t think he’s the best writer ever. But I admire the way everyone on the train used to be reading his books. His huge commercial success is impressive.

“Deception Point” is his best book. It will take you a couple of hours to inhale and you will admire the originality of the plot.

“Inferno” has been made into a movie and it’s okay. The best part of it is seeing loads of pretty views of Florence, Venice and Istanbul. So many pictures are from the air! Secret doors are everywhere!

Robert Langdon is played by Tom Hanks who does his usual loveable everyman thing. Felicity Jones is Sienna Brooks. They go on the run.

Is it odd that an academic and a doctor can outrun professional hit men? Does the viewer crack the code before the expert? Are there many logical impossibilities in this story?

Yes, but this still passes the time perfectly adequately. Ron Howard is a good director and he does his best to get you to engage with the characters.

Langdon’s visions look like scenes that didn’t make it into “Game of Thrones”.

Omar Sy is a great actor, but he doesn’t have much to do. Sidse Babett Knudsen is one of my favouites, but she’s not on screen for long enough.

Ana Ularu is a good-looking killer. Ben Foster, Irrfan Khan and Ida Darvish have fun moments, but these are only moments.

The Stratford East Picturehouse was attentive, but multi-tasking on their phone apps.

If watching Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones run fast in tourist spots floats your boat, you’ll enjoy this. I can’t really recommend it, but I’ve seen worse films this year.



  1. I was little disappointed with the movie.

    • Me too. But bits of it are very pretty.

  2. I’m often disappointed with the film of a great book 📚

  3. It is very pretty to look at. And Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones are good.

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