Posted by: greercn | October 25, 2016


Did you play with those long-haired strange toys when you were little? if you did, you may enjoy this.
Here are the questions to ask yourself:

a) Did you love Anna Kendrick in “Pitch Perfect”? And in “Pitch Pefect 2”?

b) Do you sigh, just a little, when you hear Justin Timberlake speak or sing?

c) Are you fond of Russell Brand?

These are the prerequisites to being happy watching this movie. And “Trolls” really wants everyone to be happy.

Alternatively, if you are taking little kids to the movies, they will be amused and you won’t hate it. DreamWorks has found a way to mock and celebrate the chirpiness, hugging and sparkles of the trolls.

Our little trolls live happily, but are threatened by the Bergens, who are enormous and miserable. They can only find joy by eating trolls. Trolls are not pleased with this idea.

A lot of celebrity voices play Bergens and trolls. The music is fun.

I do wish the producers had credited the use of Greig’s Peer Gynt, shamelessly. You’ll recognise it.

Stratford East Picturehouse was full of happy children and adults who all plainly loved it. If it comes to TV, I will watch it and my inner child will be tapping her toes and singing.


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