Posted by: greercn | October 30, 2016

The Secret 2 (an original play)

I saw a wonderful and original musical on Friday night. “The Secret 2” has the same local flavour – Waltham Forest in London – as the first “Secret”, but it adds a darker edge to the story, even as you are tapping your toes.

Extraordinary performances lift this from the amateur dramatics level to being worthy of a professional revival. Acting, singing and dancing are all just terrific.

Written by Angela Broome and Marcus Scroop, the plot carries on from “The Secret”. Our four female leads go back to Ibiza, which is where they had a holiday.

These friends need to keep a dreadful secret. Will I tell you what it is? No spoilers here as you really have to see it. You’ve missed this weekend’s performances at Forest School. But they have to bring it back, very soon.

I intend to beg them to do so.

It’s even better than “The Secret” and that was very good.

Jude Leighton is at the centre of the ensemble and she brings great acting ability, singing skill and tons of charisma to her central part. Marcus Scroop leads the live band that accompanies the musical with style and grace.

All of the cast do as good a job as those in any West End show I have seen this years. And I have seen some brilliant theatre, in 2016.

Script, songs and acting all fizz with life and energy.

The acoustics were not perfect, where I sat in the front row. I was advised to move further back, during the interval and from there I could hear the words, singing and the instruments perfectly.

Please, please do bring this back soon? Pretty please, with sugar on it?


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