Posted by: greercn | November 4, 2016


Spoiler alert: Storks never brought babies. Babies come from their parents, with mothers doing most of the hard work of delivery.

And you shouldn’t leave a baby near a pack of wolves. Just don’t do that.

“Storks” is very charming and has gorgeous animation. It’s aimed at younger children, but it amused me. Granted, I am easily amused.

Junior is a stork who delivers packages after storks diversified away from the baby business.

Hunter is the big stork boss and he intends to hand over the company to Junior. Human young woman Tulip and Junior go on a quest to deliver a baby that has been ordered in error.

All the voices are good, but Steven Kramer Glickman steals his scenes as Pigeon Toady. Andy Samberg voices Junior with gusto. Jennifer Aniston and Kelsey Grammer are here, as voices.

I liked the landscapes, the creatures and the wolves. And the human family awaiting the baby provides a sharply-observed lesson on the nature of family.

Older kids will be restless. I looked at my watch a few times but the 1 hour and 27 minutes running time means the movie passes by quite quickly.

If the DVD comes out for Christmas, it would make a good present for the under-10 age group. And you can watch it and hug the little ones through the two slightly frightening bits, for kiddies.


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