Posted by: greercn | November 14, 2016

The Origin Of Violence (L’Origine de la violence)

Elie Chouraqui is a director who brings great insight and depth to any project. His movies tell stories that get under your skin.

“The Origin Of Violence” has its focus on a young French Catholic academic, Nathan Weber, who learns that he may have a Jewish relative. His attempts to confront his father create strong and moving scenes that will resonate with everyone who ever had a problem with a family secret.

Stanley Weber has great presence, is a terrific actor and looks very handsome. He carries the story and does so in style.

English subtitling of this French-language film is okay, but misses the full meaning of the original.

So many great performances go into creating this big family drama. There are laughs on offer, but this French and German co-production never shies away from the realities of French complicity in the Holocaust.

And at nearly two hours, it’s slightly too long, although I can’t imagine what they would have cut out. The time goes by quickly.

My ear friend Sheila has been volunteering at the Jewish Film Festival and she got me a free ticket. We both enjoyed it and had a great conversation about the issues it raises, while we were on the way home.

It’s based on a novel by Fabrice Humbert, which I haven’t read

Richard Berry, Cesar Chouraqui (who earned this role), Jean Sorel, Michel Bouquet and Jeanne Cremer are terrific but everyone in this does a very good job.

It will be shown again tomorrow in Didsbury (November 15th, Cineworld, 8.30pm) and in London (November 20th, Regent Street Cinema, 4pm) and it’s a must for fans of intelligent and compassionate French film.

The Jewish Film Festival runs until November 20th.


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