Posted by: greercn | November 23, 2016

Nocturnal Animals

Tom Ford can make murder look very pretty. This may not be a good thing.

Ford is the designer who made the almost perfect “A Single Man”. The screen and script glowed with new ideas. I love that movie.

I wanted to love this, but didn’t. Amy Adams is magnificent and you really can’t look anywhere else when she is on screen. Every facial movement is perfectly timed. Each word radiates meaning. I liked her better in “Arrival”, but she is utterly amazing, here.

It’s wonderful to see a mature woman own two extraodinary films, in one year. How rare is that? Adams has come a very long way since “Enchanted”.

As an art gallery owner, Susan (Adams) seems to have a perfect life. We learn, very early on, that appearances can be deceptive.

Her former husband, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, has written a book and dedicated it to his ex-wife. This is where the cracks in the plot start to show.

Ford has chosen to create a much more violent, angry and misogynistic tale than that told by Austin Wright in “Tony and Susan”, the very good book on which this is based.

Michael Shannon shines as the eccentric Texas detective. Laura Linney is terrific as Susan’s mother. Many of the cast have great moments.

But I was uncomfortable and had to look away, too often. This movie enjoys its horrific violence. I felt that everyone else at the Stratford East Picturehouse was having a really good time, watching this. I very nearly left, twice, but persisted to the end.

On the plus side, the opening credits and scenes are among the most original and hypnotic scenes I have ever seen.

I need to talk about the ending with somebody. Let me know what you feel, when you’ve seen it.

If Tom Ford was out to shock me, he did a good job.


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