Posted by: greercn | December 8, 2016


Paramount has inhaled “Casablanca” – an infinitely superior movie – and put Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard in gorgeous clothes that they get to wear at very pretty places.

Both these actors are so good-looking and charismatic that you may get cross when mundane pimples dare to intrude on their faces. Really. How rude.

It’s World War II. Brad is dropped into Morocco. He meets Marion. They have a special secret mission.

The trailer offers so many spoilers that you should skip watching that. Or maybe just skip this film?

Everyone at the Stratford East Picturehouse oohed and aahed and you do feel surrounded by a general aura of gorgeousness, while you are watching this.

London during wartime looks yummy. And the weather and air raids never stop Marion from wafting around in the same fabulous kimono-style robe she wore in Casablanca. It’s odd that everyone else is wrapped in wool.

If you are addicted to WW2 stories and/or adore Brad and/or Marion or you are obsessed by Brangelina, you’ll find much to enjoy here.

There is quite a sexy sex scene, but you might have fallen asleep during the rather long section leading up to it. Despite all this, you never get a sense of sizzling romance between the two leads. They appear to be great friends, even as they say loving words.

So, I never really believed the love story. But those pretty pictures will stay in my mind.

A lot of it was filmed in the Canary Islands. Robert Zemeckis directs several outstanding action scenes. Don Burgess takes cinematography to new heights.

And references to Quebec and Canada will amuse those who seek out such things.

Lots of terrific actors are here, in smaller parts. But you really don’t look anywhere else, except at the two leads.


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