Posted by: greercn | December 29, 2016


It’s pronounced “Mo-ah-na”. Not “Mona”. Just in case you didn’t know.

This Disney movie has a great story, a big heart and a heroine who is not anorexic.

Everyone has amazing hair. Moana’s hair flicks to and fro and represents a big leap for Disney and for big hair, everywhere.

Based on Polynesian legends, the character Moana has a magical link to water. Her pet chicken and trickster/god Maui join her on her quest to save her people.

Just this once, in a tale of adventure aimed at children, the parents get to stay alive. Yay.

It’s all vey beautifully drawn. Once you’ve seen it, we can have a lively chat about cultural appropriation and the Disneyfication of important and regional mythology.

But I still really enjoyed it. The younger kids were a little scared and the older kids were a little bored. All the adults at the Stratford East Picturehouse were as enthralled as I was.

Don’t read up on it, until after you’ve seen it. Just enjoy the fact that there isn’t a single white face in a distinctly Polynesian story. All the lead actors grew up with this culture and that’s positive news.

The songs are fun although I just recently saw “Frozen” and I reckon those are better. Yet the work done to use songs in other languages has to be applauded.

With this and “Queen of Katwe”, Disney has begun to bend its princess template to reflect real lives of ordinary people.

See it if you love the ocean, chickens, coconuts and boats. And if you can appreciate the sheer bravery and heart of a plucky heroine.


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