Posted by: greercn | February 15, 2017


Charming animated characters make this more fun to watch than the average jukebox musical is.

A typing error pushes the prize of a singing competition up to $100,000. The theatre owner – voiced by Matthew McConaughey – faces many problems.

It’s from Illumination Entertainment who released “Despicable Me” and “The Secret Life Of Pets” and have the adorable minions on their logo.

“Sing” never hits the heights of those movies, but it’s lovely and has a lot of fun moments. There’s a new Stevie Wonder song called “Faith”. It’s not his best work, but his playfulness and Ariana Grande’s voice add joy. Here’s the video for that, featuring chaacters from “Sing”.

Younger children may be scared by scenes of characters being threatened. And a few slightly raunchy musical numbers might raise questions.

Watch this with your kids. They probably see much worse on their video games.

The Stratford East Picturehouse audience enjoyed it although the older people laughed a lot more than the children did.

Quite a lot of old standard pop songs are thrown in and they are all performed well.

The message, such as it is, goes along the lines of “follow your dreams”.

“Sing 2” is already being made.



  1. This was sweet. I’ll never see Matthew McConaughey the same again… 😉

    • Yes, I thought that too. He is adorable and brings so much heart and energy to this character.

  2. It does change how we see him, doesn’t it? Cuddly koala?

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