Posted by: greercn | February 27, 2017

Hidden Figures

NASA space flights always lifted my spirits, when I was very young. Watching the landing on the Moon was a highlight of my teenage years.

But mathematics and sciences were always hard work. “X” remained as unknown to me at the end of high-school Algebra as it was in the beginning. Somehow, my memory got me through the exams.

I wish I’d seen this film when I was very young. It tells the story of three amazing women who led NASA work on calculations and computing.

“Hidden Figures” is a clever title, highlighting how hidden these women achievers were and the actual numbers that are buried behind the calculations.

This movie makes numbers sexy.

Taraji P Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monae are superb. Henson and Monae should have had Oscar nominations, at least. Although Amy Adams also has reasons to be unhappy about being overlooked, despite producing two great performances in other movies.

I was annoyed by the need to create the “good White man” in creating Kevin Costner’s character. Rather than rushing to the “coloured” bathroom, couldn’t he just have insisted the nearest bathroom be for everyone?

And would a mathematician really have been allowed to carry classified documents between buildings?

A few other details are annoyingly wrong. But Theodore Melfi directs very well, keeping everything moving along nicely.

In real life, everyone used the same facilities. White people didn’t “save” their Black employees. Black people pushed their way up on sheer merit.

I’ll bet these women got paid a lot less than the White employees, as well.

But it’s still all very entertaining, funny and heart-warming. Read up on the real stories as they are very inspiring.

Pharrell Williams has written some catchy songs for this.

The audience at Stratford East Picturehouse all really enjoyed it.



  1. Loved the film! Sadly I do not know the true story.

  2. If you Google the names of the characters – which you can get from the IMDB film details – they all have fascinating stories.

  3. great post! I was thrilled to see this made into a movie, these real life sheros deserve kudos. And I wish Pharrell had received more recognition, glad you nodded his way. 🙂

    • Thank you! 🙂

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