Posted by: greercn | March 9, 2017

Trespass Against Us

Brendan Gleeson and Michael Fassbender are great actors. A staff member at Stratford East Picturehouse remarked that Fassbender is a good actor who is in a lot of bad films.

How did this movie get selected for the Toronto Film Festival? It seems too slight for TIFF.

Not to mention the problem that the traveller community is depicted as being car-stealing castle-robbing police-baiting truants. Why have I heard no complaints about that?

Filmed in Hertfordshire but set (partly)on the world’s ugliest caravan park in a really nasty-looking town, I lost myself in the accents. What are those things Gleeson and Fassbender are doing with their voices? Is that supposed to be Gloucester?

Almost everyone else – even Fassbender’s kids – stay in a zone between British received pronunciation and irritable vowel syndrome.

The plot – I use the term loosely – is about Chad (Fassbender) trying to go straight, after a life of crime, joyriding and smoking. His Dad, Colby (Gleeson, in full head lion mode) keeps pushing him into more robberies.

Chad is married to Kelly (Lyndsey Marshal) and they have two adorable children. Marshal and the kids will be in much better films, in the future. As will Anastasia Hille, who has a great moment.

Many fantastic British actors are also here. I hope they were well paid. The cast lifts it above the total turkey level.

Downbeat, albeit quite funny at times, nothing here makes great sense. At least it’s not terribly long, at 109 minutes.

The Chemical Brothers did the music and that is very good.

Maybe it didn’t trespass against me.

But if I were a traveller, I’d be hopping mad with fury. Lovers of dogs, chickens and other creatures may enjoy the animals and the scenes set in lovely countryside.

Everyone else, stay away. I saw it so you could be saved the trouble.

You’re welcome.


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