Posted by: greercn | March 30, 2017

Get Out

Couples who manage despite differences should be applauded rather than being dumped into a horror film.

“Get Out” is clever, funny, wry and occasionally grisly. Horror is not my preferred genre, but my Very Intelligent Friend said I should see it and I trust him.

It’s essential viewing for those who care about race and can handle the icky bits and quite a lot of swearing. It opens with violence and key scenes feature blood and pain.

Daniel Kaluuya is superb as Chris Washington. His white girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams) takes him home to meet her parents, who live in a creepy suburb.

Their car hits a deer on the trip. Curiously, “Elle” features a similar scene.

Jordan Peele directs and writes an original and distinctive thriller, with sufficient horror elements to earn that R rating, which means kids under 15 will be anxious to see it. I’d have snuck in, somehow, when I was 12.

Apart from Kaluuya – who has a perfect American accent, despite being British – the best performance is LilRey Howery as Rod. He has the funniest lines and fantastic scenes.

Catherine Keener is fine as Rose’s mother and Bradley Whitford shines as the dad. Caleb Landry Jones brings more creepiness to Jeremy, Rose’s brother.

Marcus Henderson, Betty Gabriel and Lakeith Stanfield all have great moments.

“Get Out” has many savage indictments of white liberal attitudes. A super script is enhanced by a great score, which is mostly by Michael Abels.

If you can stand the horror scenes, do see it. Everyone at Stratford East Picturehouses loved it. White people laughed a lot less than the mostly-black audience, but then that’s to be expected.

Relationships across race differences can be tough. “Get Out” crams in a bunch of skilled commentary on that, while being very entertaining.

Jordan Peele is a director and writer to watch out for, in the future.


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