Posted by: greercn | February 6, 2018


Honey, I shrunk (some of the) adults could be an alternative title.

It starts off being a look at the environment and a way of being gentler with the earth. The Norwegian scientists find a way to make people very small. Is it too much to hope there will be some of the ghastly smells described in the book of “Gulliver’s Travels”?

Yes, it is. With dizzying speed, it’s reduced to a plot of greed. You need a lot less money when you’re very tiny, so you can live like a king.

There are occasional attempts to remember the planet, but these are lost in consumer stuff and reckless partying.

If that sounds like it will be really entertaining, it isn’t. Real peril is nowhere, except for some unlucky political activists who get shrunk against their will. And they get to live in slums, away from the golden developments of the rich. Worse, the only work available to them is cleaning for the wealthy.

Matt Damon is charming and folksy, but he never hits the sublime height of his turn in “The Martian”. Christoph Waltz and Udo Kier have great moments, but they pile on the ham a little too thick.

Hong Chau is engaging, but I cannot believe an intelligent activist would still speak such broken English after years of living in the language.

Niecy Nash has a very funny scene and there are times when the satire and visual gags work well.

Alexander Payne’s direction is sturdy and keeps the whole moving along, but it never feels as glorious or moving as other movies of his do.

You get glimpses of a much better and more profound tale, but these are only fleeting.

It was a free screening for members of Stratford East Picturehouse and it passed the time, on a Sunday morning.

But I don’t think any of it will stay with me. Keeping to safe plot and script levels lessened its impact.


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